Faith-based activists call out Bank of America

A group of faith leaders, labor activists and politicans in California are trying to hold Bank of America to promises to help beleagured homeonwers, according to this story on the Huffington Post: Faith Leaders To Move Their Money Out Of Bank Of America Unless Demands Are Met

"The Treasury Department announced in December that Bank of America permanently modified only 98 mortgages under the Obama administration's homeowner help plan last year."

"If we don't see results, we will ramp up into a national divestment campaign," said Gina Gates of the Holy Trinity Catholic Church in San Jose. Gates said the church began organizing parishioners to divest personal and business accounts from Bank of America on Dec. 5. "We have continued to do so and we will continue to do so if we see no results."

The coalition is led by People Improving Communities through Organizing, which boasts 1,000 member congregations across the country. The group also includes the NAACP, the Center for Responsible Lending and the SEIU, among others.

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