Homeboy Industries facing huge budget deficit

I recently blogged about how Jesuit Fr. Greg Boyle did an about face with the Los Angeles police chief William Bratton: At first Boyle was not impressed, but later came to the conclusion that the police chief was outstanding.

Today's AP story describes the perilous financial condition of Boyle's anti-gang program, Homeboy Industries:

The Rev. Greg Boyle has walked through gunfire to quell gang violence, gotten sworn enemies to work peacefully together and redeemed hardcore criminals. But he never thought money would be the downfall of the nation's largest anti-gang program.

After Friday, however, all bets are off at Homeboy Industries. The Roman Catholic priest's 21-year-old effort to rehabilitate gang members by offering jobs, counseling and schooling, will run out of cash — the result of an economic recession that has ripped a $5 million hole in the nonprofit's budget this year.

"It's safe to say I'm losing sleep over this," said the snowy-bearded Jesuit who won international acclaim and was chronicled in a book and documentary film. "I have 400 employees counting on me and 12,000 more who walk through our doors every year."

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