Legendary fashion designer Oscar de la Renta, a Catholic, dies

Oscar de la Renta, whose designs have been worn by first ladies and leading actresses of the day, died Monday in his home in Kent, Conn. He suffered from cancer over the past 10 years. The New York Times story can be found here. The Associated Press has a good story on de la Renta's life that can be found here.

In a 2013 interview with New York Magazine, writer William Norwich asked de la Renta, "Are you religious, Oscar?"

Yes. I was born and raised a Catholic. [Laughs.] If you were to see me at night, you might think I am deeply stupid. I say exactly the same prayer that I was taught when I was 6 years old: "Four little corners has my bed, four little corners keep me safe." These are all in Spanish, of course, so I am translating here. The other one I say is, "God I go to bed with, the God I wake up with." And the last one is, "Angel please keep me company, never leave me alone, not by day nor by night."

A native of and unofficial ambassador to the Dominican Republic, de la Renta built two homes on the island, including one at Punta Cana that had a simple yet beautiful chapel, which can be seen here.

May he rest in God's peace.

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