Mary Poppins takes on Republicans in Funny or Die skit

Bloomberg News reports on a clever Kristin Bell skit in which she protests that the current federal minimum wage -- $7.25 -- needs at least an increase of $3 in order to create a living wage.

Bloomberg News reports:

Just a spoonful of Funny or Die makes the politics go down.

Mary Poppins is quitting, it seems, because she's "only paid the federal minimum wage."

The children, in song of course, protest her departure.

"In every job that must be done, you must be paid in more than fun," the famous actress playing the famous nanny sings. "The pay's too low, I can't live on this dough."

"Just a $3 dollar increase can make a living wage," Kristin Bell, aka Mary Poppins, breaking into the classic chorus sings in the Funny or Die production released this week. "It makes a living wage. It makes a living wage ... "

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