Morning Briefing

Debt puzzle pieces On one side lies the chance of a historic bargain; on the other, the threat of a financial apocalypse.

West Virginia State Catholic conference joins appeal to protect federal programs

Michele Bachmann Leaves Church, Gets Catholic Support. Michael Sean Winter blogged about his on Distinctly Catholic here and here.

Kentucky Hospital merger limits medical options: Catholic rules will bar tubal ligations at University hospital

Vatican’s Excommunication of Chinese Bishop Based on Church Law

Bonita Springs, Fla. Former priest accused of embezzling church funds

Vandals target NJ Catholic churches

Ireland Six of 26 dioceses may be eliminated

Australia Government funding of Catholic and independent schools in Greens’ sights

Ireland and Germany Investigate Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandals

South Sudan bishop dies

Boston Unwilling to give up their vigil, Parishioners of 6 churches told to close will begin appeals today

New York Wedding clerks quit over gay marriage

U.K. Priest and maths teacher cleared of child abuse

Archdiocese of Milwaukee uses ads to notify victims

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