Morning Briefing

Illinois Judge hears arguments in Catholic Charities case, adoptions by gay parents in dispute

New Jersey Trenton diocese pays $1 million settlement in sexual abuse case

Pope reaches out to youths in Spain

Dublin Catholics face levy as church faces bankruptcy

On the one hand: the archbishop vs. the governor O'Malley held firm in face of religious bullying by Catholic Church

On the the other hand: the archbishop vs. the governor Catholic Maryland governor rejects bishop’s exhortation not to support gay ‘marriage’

We, the Roman Catholic Bishops of New Mexico -- Driver s licenses: A matter of mercy, fairness and safety

SOUTH BEND, Ind.— Civil liberties groups asked a federal judge to block South Bend from spending $1.2 million to buy a Family Dollar store and selling the property for $1 to the local Roman Catholic diocese, which wants the land for a new high school's football field.

Milwaukee Born deaf, new priest wants to expand church life for others with hearing loss

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