Morning Briefing

Georgia Executes Inmate Troy Davis After Supreme Court Denies Appeal

Pope begins 4-day state visit in Germany amid protests, expectations

Pope says Church has 'good and bad fish' as he arrives in Germany

Pope Beer Commemorates State Visit

Catholic nun, jailed in Y-12 protest, is freed

Loretto, Pa. St. Francis disinvites Goodman as speaker. Pro-choice stance at odds with ‘Catholic teachings’

Dozens sue church over alleged abuse in Montana 34 men and women, who now range in age from 45 to 73

2 Opus Dei followers on trial in France, accused of forcing disciple to work for more than a decade with little or no pay.

A Catholic approach to Israel and Palestine?

Why there’s more to Bishop Daly than the celibacy row "The publication of the new book by [Bishop] Edward Daly ... of Derry has re-opened the debate about celibacy in the Catholic Church. When I talked to him about the book this week, he was somewhat bemused that his comments on celibacy had received so much attention, given that he devoted only 150 words to the subject in a 100,00 word volume."

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