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What If "Occupy Wall Street" Could Be Attempted in the Catholic Church?

Occupy Wall Street protests have a spiritual side

St. Louis archdiocese forms academy with three Catholic schools. New format allows schools to stay open.

Staten Island -- Studying under God's watchful eye requires self-discovery, sacrifice, and occassionally some booty-rumbling beats that imbue you with the spirit of the Almighty.

Schismatics discuss Vatican demands, but future unclear

HOLYOKE, Mass. — Parishioners holding a 24-hour vigil to protest the closure of their church in Holyoke have offered to buy the building from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield.

Polish maverick MP to push for secularism, end Catholic Church privileges

Zimbabwe -- Robert Mugabe offers Rowan Williams tea but little sympathy Archbishop of Canterbury visits Zimbabwe's president with a message about the plight of the country's Anglicans

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