Morning Briefing

Mass. Catholic journal withdraws gay devil column

Religious Groups Want Relief From Birth Control Mandate

Birth Control Coverage Sparks Fight Between Pro-Choice Groups And Catholics At Hearing

Wisconsin Bishops Ask Parishioners To Leave Guns At Home

Canada -- Trudeau angry as Tory MP questions his Catholicism

Illinois -- Catholic bishops are protesting Gov. Pat Quinn's decision to present awards at a pro-choice group's annual luncheon.

Opinion: Criticizing the Vatican shouldn’t always be a sign of anti-Catholicism

India -- Disillusioned with the Congress-led ruling coalition, Goa’s Catholics have made overtures to arch-foes the pro-Hindu Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP -Indian people’s party) in a bid to get support for their demands.

BARRINGTON, ILL. -- 100,000 diapers distrubuted

Argentina -- Seven Girls Killed as Train Smashes Into Bus. The bus was carrying 40 people, most of them girls from a private Catholic school, who were on their way to a religious event.

At Border Mass, two nations worship. Mass at a chain-link fence.

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