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Fr. Joe: "Somehow I don't think the hierarchy's anti-gay, anti-women, anti-conscience election strategy worked very well." Fr Mike: "They'll probably blame us for not preaching it well." (John Chuchman)

Maryland Catholics celebrate passage of same-sex marriage referendum

Editorial: Election results show we live in a new America

The GOP's demographic problem

China Communist Party Congress: Hu Jintao dismisses any hopes of reform

Military Women: Female Vets Take the Hill

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Catholics vote for President Barack Obama by 50 percent to 48 percent

New South Wales, Australia -- The scandel deepens. Catholic Church allegedly hid crimes of pedophile priests (Video)

Minn. Catholic bishops lament defeat of marriage amendment

Tampa Bay, Fla. -- Election puts three Catholic High grads in charge of key county offices

Fr. Frank Pravone: Obama’s collision with the Catholic Church is 'assured'

Catholic parents weigh in on HPV vaccine for Calgary students


Sao Paulo, Brazil -- The Truth Commission investigating human rights abuses committed by Brazil's former dictatorship will also look into the role Catholic and evangelical churches played during the 1964-1985 military government.


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