NCR Webathon: Building a community of hope

Beginning today, and running for seven days, NCR is having its annual -- our third annual -- Webathon. We need you to join in and donate to keep us going. We need your help. You come to this Web site for news, analysis, commentary and inspiration. And, yes, we know some of you come here to join in the many conversations generated by our coverage.

It has never been more important to keep independent Catholic journalism alive. This is our aim. We hope this is your aim too. A quick review of the news over the last week proves how important indepdent Catholic journalism is.

A few examples:

These are stories of a church alive and struggling with issues of justice and freedom. Bishop Thomas Gumbleton's testimonial, which is running as I post this note, says that "the church has made a commtment to be involved in the world (Gaudium et Spes) and National Catholic Reporter showcases that commitment by covering how the church has or should be connected to local, national and international issues."

The church is committed to working in the world, and NCR is dedicated to telling those stories. Take a look at those stories above. Those are NCR reporters gathering the news, taking the photographs, and writing the stories, NCR editors preparing the copy, NCR designers and artists posting the news to the website and publishing the print edition.

Those are the kinds of boots-on-the-ground stories that has made NCR's reputation since its inception in 1964.

And, of course, that kind of reporting costs money. Reporting costs more than commentary. Our reporting becomes the base for Catholic commentary here and on countless other Catholic Web sites and blogs throughout the Internet.

That's why we turn to you once a year to ask for your support during this webathon week. Our late publisher Joe Feuerherd launched the idea of a webathon three years ago. Last year we raised $80,000. Our goal this year is to exceed that mark. With your help, we can do it.

Please do not take for granted the services we offer you. We cannot continue our mission of providing independent Catholic journalism without your support.

Also, please consider making a recurring gift to NCR either monthly, quarterly or yearly. The gift amount you designate will automatically be charged to your credit card as you indicate. Go to the "Donate to NCR" button, click on it, then simply fill in the box with the amount you want to donate, click on the drop-down box to specify the frequency of your gift, and complete the rest of the form as normal. This is a painless, simple means of providing NCR with the support it needs to continue reporting the news of the Church and the world.

Please give to the NCR right now. We need your support.

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