New York Giants matriarch injured in fall while in church

From ESPN:

Ann Mara will not be challenging Terry Bradshaw to a fistfight, at least not before Super Bowl XLVI.

The grand matriarch of the New York Giants, who became an Internet sensation for confronting the Fox broadcaster during the Giants' victory ceremony Sunday night, broke her shoulder in a fall after returning from San Francisco.

"It is true," her son, John, wrote in an email. "She went right to church after we arrived home Monday am and fell on the way back from communion. Broke her shoulder. She is 'probable' for SB."

Ann Mara, 82, poked a finger at Bradshaw and called for his attention as he attempted to interviewVictor Cruz following the Giants' 20-17 NFC Championship Game victory over the San Francisco 49ers. As her son John tried to persuade her to leave Bradshaw alone, Mara persisted and barked, "Hey, you never pick the Giants!"

"I know, I know, I'm sorry," said the former four-time Super Bowl champion quarterback of thePittsburgh Steelers. "I'm getting hammered for not picking the Giants."

The exchange went viral on the Internet, leaving the great-grandmother as something of a hero among the Giants.

At the bottom of this New York Post story is the video showing Mrs. Mara giving it to Fox TV's Terry Bradshaw.

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