Pope Urges Use of Internet by Young People

Contrary to the Catholic Bishop of Paisley, the Rt. Rev. Philip Tartaglia, who said: "We need to be wary of the inane chatter that can go on in the digital world which does nothing to promote growth in understanding and tolerance," he says in a message to be read out at every Catholic church in Scotland this weekend, Pope Benedict XVI actually encourages young people to use the Internet to spread the Gospel and to build friendships.

The Pope says: "..that the Internet has brought about change in the way news is distributed and how people relate to each other. Benedict urges young people to use the potential of the Internet to build a better world through bonds of friendship and solidarity."

It appears that perhaps Bishop Tartaglia (a) needs to use the Internet more, (b) needs a few friends who use the Internet with whom he should chat, and (c) be careful not to create confusion with mandatory pulpit messages that contradict the Pope.

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