Republican House member complains about cuts to Head Start

Republican Rep. Lynn Jenkins, a certified public accountant from Kansas and a member of the powerful Ways and Means Committee, has the temerity to blame President Barack Obama for sequestration cuts to Head Start programs.

"None of those cuts have to be made there," Jenkins told a Topeka, Kan., TV station. "That is a choice by the administration, so we are going to continue to put pressure on the administration. The whole purpose of making a 2-percent cut is for you to carve out waste."

What planet does Jenkins think we live on?

Jenkins and her House Republicans, led by Catholic Republican Paul Ryan, have not budged from the most draconian, brutal federal budget proposal that simply hammers the poor, young women and their babies, older poor people, and others.

Jenkins, Ryan and their backers prevented House Speaker John Boehner from getting a deal done with Obama. Now Jenkins wants to recast history when the sequestration cuts go into effect and hurt actual poor people.

Jenkins is a CPA? Really?

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