Tax Day Protest: Rigali called 'burden to taxpayers'

A press release from the National Survivor Advocates Coalition:


The arraignments of William Lynn, James Brennan, Edward Avery, Charles Engelhardt, and Bernard Shero in Philadelphia on Traditional Tax Day, today, April 15 put a fine point on yet another scandal in Philadelphia – the cost to the taxpayers for the dishonesty and deception of Cardinal Justin Rigali.

Had Cardinal Rigali simply told the truth there would not have been a need for the third Philadephia Grand Jury and not only would children have been protected but the wallets of Philadelphia taxpayers would be heavier today.

That would be a welcome turn of events for the parent struggling to keep food on the table, the lights on, and the car fueled for the trip to work.

It would mean even more to the men and women trying to strain the extra sandwich out of a tin of tuna and lace the meatloaf with the cheapest of crackers to save enough for gas money to look for work or get to the unemployment office.

And talk about kicking the folks when they are down, when push came to shove Cardinal Rigali removed 21 priests in reaction to the Grand Jury Report but didn’t tell the people of Philadelphia or the rest of the world who they were. That’s a wild game of go fish. Yes, your kids are in danger, I know by whom but I’m not telling you.

Philadelphia County taxpayers deserve an apology and reimbursement from Cardinal Rigali for the need to dip into their already strained coffers to pay for the Grand Jury but the taxpayers of Philadelphia County deserve the deepest of appreciation for being willing to spend money in the pursuit of the protection of children. We apologize to them that a Catholic leader, especially one who goes by the elevated and honored title of Eminence, chose to put the protection of clergy over the protection of children.

It's shameful it was necessary to spend taxpayer money to investigate the boss and his employees who have a sign out proclaiming they are moral leaders.

NSAC knows the only way Catholics have to express themselves in this situation is to use their feet and their wallets. We encourage them to use both.

We encourage them to re-route their money from the Easter collection. We encourage them to pay their parish utility bills directly to the utility companies. We encourage them to use their envelopes but use them as tablets to write the amounts they would have given had their shepherd been honest and lived up to his esteemed position and title. We encourage them to support survivor organizations.

On Traditional Tax Day, we encourage Philadelphia Catholics to weigh the wages of sin and act.

Honesty is priceless.

Contact: Robert Hoatson, NSAC, Mid-Atlantic Director, 862-368-2800

Kristine Ward, NSAC Chair, 937-272-0308

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