Video: Warplane bombs Sudan hospital in Nuba mountains

According to a Radio Tamajuz report, a Sudanese warplane dropped a bomb close to Mother of Mercy Hospital operated by Dr. Tom Catena, whom NCR has interviewed this past year.

"A Sudanese warplane dropped a bomb that hit the grounds of Mother of Mercy Hospital in Gidel, in the Nuba Mountains, last Thursday, 1 May.

The organization Trocaire, which works with the Diocese of El Obeid to support the hospital, reported that around 10:00 a.m. the Sudan Armed Forces bombed the diocesan hospital causing one minor injury and some minor structural damage.

The organization confirmed that two bombs exploded inside the hospital grounds.

One of the bombs hit not far from the residence of medical director Dr. Tom Catena. The force of the blast blew in the door of his house and shattered the windows.

According to Nuba Reports, the attack followed aerial surveillance flights by an unmanned drone aircraft on 26 April and 29 April.

Hundreds of hospital patients and visitors fled into the bush, or caves in nearby mountains."

To read more about Dr. Catena's work, click here.

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