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New York Giants matriarch injured in fall while in church


From ESPN:

Ann Mara will not be challenging Terry Bradshaw to a fistfight, at least not before Super Bowl XLVI.

The grand matriarch of the New York Giants, who became an Internet sensation for confronting the Fox broadcaster during the Giants' victory ceremony Sunday night, broke her shoulder in a fall after returning from San Francisco.

"It is true," her son, John, wrote in an email. "She went right to church after we arrived home Monday am and fell on the way back from communion. Broke her shoulder. She is 'probable' for SB."

Ann Mara, 82, poked a finger at Bradshaw and called for his attention as he attempted to interviewVictor Cruz following the Giants' 20-17 NFC Championship Game victory over the San Francisco 49ers. As her son John tried to persuade her to leave Bradshaw alone, Mara persisted and barked, "Hey, you never pick the Giants!"

"I know, I know, I'm sorry," said the former four-time Super Bowl champion quarterback of thePittsburgh Steelers. "I'm getting hammered for not picking the Giants."

Syracuse diocese priest pleads guilty to larceny


According to WKTV-Utica, an NBC affiliate:

Father Valentine Krul pleaded guilty to one count of second-degree grand larceny, facing five years probation with the first six months spent in the Oneida County Jail.

Father Val, as he was known by many in the community, was actually the chaplain for the Oneida County Sheriff's Department for more than 20 years. A priest for 34 years, he had been assigned to St. Mary's Church in New York Mills for the past 17 years.

In court on Wednesday, Krul said he had completed rehabilitation for stress, anxiety and alcohol in July 2011. He said that between October 2008 and January 2011, he took money from three church bank accounts at First Source Federal Credit Union, accounts made up of money from the parish, some of which included people's bequests, wills, and donations to the church.

Krul said that at one point he made a withdrawal of $46,720.91 for a condominium in Florida for himself.

Lord, deliver us from Newt's nonsensical comparisons


You really have to wonder who is most out of touch with America when you hear the vitriol-laced invective of Newt Gingrich.

He regularly employs guilt by association, spurting out sound bites that turn out to be nonsense on investigation. One of his favorite rants is connecting President Barack Obama with community organizer Saul Alinsky, as if nothing more need be said to establish the evil designs of the president.

Anticipating the State of the Union message Tuesday, Gingrich fired a typical barrage: "You always have to wonder when Obama speaks, which country he thinks he's talking to. You also have to wonder what his source material is. You can really understand him best when you understand that he is a Saul Alinsky radical who taught radicalism in Chicago. I'm an old-fashioned American, and I think the primary documents are the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Federalist Papers."

Huh? Reread that slowly, please, and tell me how those words hang together.

More on Catholic Healthcare West's decisiont


In what could set a significant precedent, Catholic Healthcare West, "one of the nation's largest hospital systems and operator of four Bay Area hospitals, is ending its governing board's affiliation with the Catholic Church and changing its name to help the system expand," the San Jose Mercury News reports.

The system's change to a nondenominational board will create "a tremendous opportunity that will help accelerate our growth," Lloyd Dean, the president and CEO of Catholic Healthcare West, told the Mercury News.

The article also reports that "secular hospitals added to the system will be required to adhere to the 'Statement of Common Values' that apply to Catholic Healthcare West's secular hospitals."

Although the article doesn't note this, the move will also allow the hospital to provide its employees with all of the provisions included in the Affordable Healthcare Act, including access to contraception, without involvement from the hierarchy.

Loretto pioneer Jacqueline Grennan Wexler dies


Jacqueline Grennan Wexler, a former Sister of Loretto who served as president of New York's Hunter College, died Jan. 19 at her home in Orlando. She was 85.

Wexler was a woman who lived the pioneer spirit of the Loretto Community. I vaguely remember in 1967, when I heard the news that then-Sr. Jacqueline Grennan, president of Webster College (now University) in Webster Groves, Mo., was transferring control of the college to a lay board of trustees.

Since Webster was the first Catholic institution in the United States to do that, it caused an uproar in some church circles, but it was widely praised for its recognizing the institution’s potential growth as a secular institution.

Jacqueline Grennan left the community in 1967 and married Paul Wexler, a music industry executive, and adopted his two children, Wendy and Wayne Wexler. She later rejoined Loretto as a co-member.

After serving as president of Hunter College in New York City in the 1970s, she went on to become president of the National Conference of Christians and Jews, where she fostered interfaith dialogue and respect among adherents of different religious traditions.

Rest in peace, Jacqueline.

New U.S. nuncio blasts corruption in Vatican operations


Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, a former Vatican official and now U.S. nuncio, denounced corruption in the management of the Holy See according to letters he sent the pope, the contents of which were published today in the Italian press. In the letters, Vigano reportedly said his transfer to the U.S. was a "punishment" that caused concern among others who saw an opportunity to clean up Vatican waste and corruption.
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