Pastoral Resources from National Catholic Reporter

Celebration,  National Catholic Reporter's liturgical and pastoral resource, closed with the July 2019 issue. This is sad news, especially for Celebration editors, contributors and readers. 

Going forward, some Celebration content and resources will be moved to NCR's website. Please see below for a listing of available resources that you  may find helpful. More resources will be added in a few weeks.


Pencil Preaching:

headshotPat Marrin's Pencil Preaching column has been a popular source of daily inspiration since 2013. Look for Pencil Preaching columns on the NCR website. You can also sign up for daily Pencil Preaching emails so you never miss a reflection.



Scripture for Life

Each Saturday, NCR publishes reflections on the readings for the following Sunday. Read the columns here or sign up for emails each Saturday.

Sunday Resources

Want more time to plan for Sundays? Sign up for free Sunday Resources emails. We will send you commentary two months in advance. 

Commentary, planning and prayers

National Catholic Reporter offers a complete liturgical cycle resources originally published in Celebration, the pastoral and worship planning resource which served readers from 1972 until 2019:

Cycle A Resources

Cycle B Resources

Cycle C Resources