CEO/Executive Editor

The National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company, an independent, lay-led, nonprofit organization publishing various products, seeks a dynamic and forward-thinking CEO/Executive Editor.


NCR aims to provide high-quality reporting, analysis, and news commentary. During more than five decades, it has earned a reputation for excellence in journalism, often giving voice to the voiceless while holding civil and church authorities accountable. It has excelled in investigative reporting and has helped shape a world built on justice, peace, and respect for the environment. NCR upholds the dignity of every human being regardless of religious belief, gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. It serves readers around the world with a special outreach to the approximately 23 percent of the U.S. population who identify as Catholic. NCR recently celebrated their 50th anniversary and are proud of their legacy and honored to continue their mission.

Mission: NCR connects Catholics to church, faith, and the common good with independent news, analysis, and spiritual reflection.

Core Values: Rooted in the spirit of the Second Vatican Council, they are called to:


  • Social justice: Shining a light on stories of injustice and inequality, especially for the disadvantaged and marginalized
  • Human dignity: Promoting respect and honor for all members of the human family
  • Inclusiveness: Embracing the global family, its rich diversity and the sacredness of all creation
  • Excellence: Striving to achieve the highest quality of journalism

The CEO/Executive Editor (CEO), reporting to the Board of Directors, will oversee the editorial process and content for the company’s publications and will be responsible for company operations. The CEO will manage a $4.75 million budget and 35 employees. The preferred location for the successful candidate is Kansas City, but may reside anywhere. If out of Kansas City, s/he needs to be available in Kansas City on a regular basis.

The CEO should embody NCR’s vision and mission, with an emphasis on excellence in journalism, editorial content and fiscal responsibility. The CEO will also work to set the business and editorial strategy for the company’s products in both the short- and long-term. This will include positioning NCR in new ways to different audiences while looking for new opportunities to strengthen the organization financially. The CEO will work to continue to further NCR’s strong foundation while being willing to take new initiatives, including building new publishing platforms with an emphasis on digital publishing to gain wider readership and audiences. The CEO/Executive Editor has final responsibility for editorial content while leading/driving a news organization dedicated to the highest quality of professional journalism and promoting NCR’s mission, values, and vision in company products and to the wider community.

The ideal candidate will bring a track record of excellence in journalism that includes in depth knowledge of and reporting on the Catholic Church with an established record of some national experience. This will include a proven record of successfully managing and collaborating with reporters and editors. S/he will also have proven record of serving readers by providing engaging, creative, and fearless journalism. The ideal candidate will bring a demonstrated knowledge of trends in journalism and technology, experience in addressing the financial challenges related to these trends and experience with digital platforms for analyzing and delivering the news. S/he will have successful record of managing operations and budgets and have business acumen. Candidates will also bring a record of having the ability to attract, retain, and develop high performing staff.

Interested parties should submit information, including a cover letter indicating the reason for your interest and why you are qualified along with a résumé or curriculum vitae with full career history and the names and contact information of at least five professional references. All communications will be treated confidentially. All nominations, applications, and inquiries should be directed electronically to by August 10, 2018.

The National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer and will not discriminate in the hiring process on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, color, age, national origin/ethnicity or religion.