Campus Notebook: Mascot change more Franciscan; freshman's medical invention; solidarity with tomato-pickers


College roundup: A "Crusader" is too controversial today to remain mascot; 19-year-old is running company with new adhesive for medical devices; Ohio State University students fast in solidarity with Coalition of Immokalee Workers.

As Trump cites ‘honor killings’ in new travel ban, UK debates banning the phrase


As civil liberties advocates in the U.S. criticize President Trump’s reference to “honor killings” in a new travel ban, saying it smears and targets Muslims, one Muslim member of the U.K.’s Parliament is acting on separate concerns that the phrase legitimizes rape and murder.

In January, Conservative Member of Parliament Nusrat Ghani proposed a bill in the House of Commons that would prohibit use of the term “honour killing” in official publications.



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