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Contact Information

NCR Headquarters

The National Catholic Reporter Publishing Co.
115 E. Armour Blvd.
Kansas City, MO 64111-1203

Phone Numbers:
Main: 800-444-8910  (Outside U.S.: +1 816-531-0538)
Customer Service: 800-333-7373
Advertising: 800-444-8910

Company Directory

Name Title Email address
Caitlin Hendel Publisher/CEO
Wally Reiter Chief Financial Officer
NCR Editorial Staff
Dennis Coday Editor
Stephanie Yeagle Managing Editor
Mick Forgey Web Editor / NCR Copy Editor
Thomas Roberts Editor at Large
Teresa Malcolm Copy Chief / Special Sections Editor / Photo Coordinator
Toni-Ann Ortiz Layout Editor / Art Director
Joshua J. McElwee Vatican Correspondent
Tom Reese, SJ Senior Analyst
Brian Roewe Staff Writer
Brittany Wilmes Engagement Editor
Denise Simeone Celebration Editor
Jamie L. Manson Books Editor
Monica Clark West Coast Correspondent, Oakland, Calif.
Dan Morris-Young West Coast Correspondent, Seattle
Kristen Daniels Bertelsen Intern
Shireen Korkzan Bertelsen Intern
Global Sisters Report,
Gail DeGeorge Global Sisters Report Editor
Pam Cohen Global Sisters Report Managing Editor
Tracy Abeln Global Sisters Report Assistant Managing Editor / Copy Editor
Michele Morek, OSU U.S. Sister Liaison, Global Sisters Report
Dawn Cherie Araujo Global Sisters Report staff reporter
Dan Stockman Global Sisters Report National Correspondent
Soli Salgado Global Sisters Report staff reporter
NCR Operational Staff
Vicki Breashears Advertising Sales / Production
Nancy Browne Chief Advancement Officer
Velva Dewberry Advertising/Customer Service
Dorothy Flemington Accounting
Marge Gasnick Annual Fund Director
Megan Judd Administrative Assistant
Jennifer McDonald Marketing Coordinator
Alex Merch Building Maintenance
Peggy Mulvihill Customer Service Representative
Tina Padilla Customer Service Representative/Receptionist
Kamin Rea Director of Advertising
Jo Ann Schierhoff Customer Service / Circulation Manager
Michel L. Tisdale Customer Service/ Web / Accounting
Sara Wiercinski Director of Audience Engagement

Fax Numbers:
Main: 816-968-2292
Customer Service: 816-968-2293
Advertising: 816-968-2268
Newsroom: 816-968-2280