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The climate is changing, posing serious questions and consequences for the planet and people both today and in the future. The issues are complex, with significant action required of each of us and all of us.

As more people view climate change as not just a crisis, but a matter of moral urgency, it's clear that religion plays a role. 

We at EarthBeat, a project of National Catholic Reporter, are here to tell that story: how Catholics and other faith groups speak out and take action. Where ecological concern and moral conviction meet, well, that's our beat.

We pursue EarthBeat’s journalism with the same independence that underlines all of what National Catholic Reporter does. But it is an unusual story that rivets our attention in one direction in particular:  What can be done to help save the planet. We invite your participation — in the work of EarthBeat, specifically, and more broadly in the larger challenge facing us all.

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To help guide the development of EarthBeat, we have assembled an Advisory Panel made of up of activists, educators, journalists and others with a passion and expertise in climate change issues. Meet the panel.


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