Papal delegate orders former Knights of Malta leader not to attend successor's election


The special delegate appointed to be Pope Francis' spokesman to the Knights of Malta has reportedly ordered the group's former leader not to participate in the election of his successor, which will be held in Rome at the end of the month.

Archbishop Angelo Becciu, who was appointed to his role in February following weeks of tension between the Vatican and the historic chivalric order, told former Grand Master Matthew Festing that his presence would "reopen wounds ... and would prevent the event from taking place in an atmosphere of peace."

Jewish graves unearthed in Rome testify to community’s persecution

Italian archaeologists have discovered the remains of 38 skeletons buried in a Jewish cemetery in Rome more than 500 years ago, offering further evidence of their ubiquity and persecution under papal rule.

The well-preserved skeletons were found during excavations beneath a building in an area identified on ancient maps as “Campus Iudeorum” – Latin for “Field of Jews” — in the Trastevere quarter of Rome just across the Tiber River from the Italian capital.



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