Claims of sex orgies, prostitution and porn videos shake Catholic Church in Italy

Lurid accusations of priests involved in sex orgies, porn videos and prostitution have emerged from several parishes in Italy recently, sending shock waves all the way to the Vatican and challenging the high standards that Pope Francis has demanded of clergy.

In the southern city of Naples, for example, a priest was recently suspended from the parish of Santa Maria degli Angeli over claims he held gay orgies and used internet sites to recruit potential partners whom he paid for sex.

Fake Vatican newspaper pokes fun at Francis, but makes his point


A fake edition of the Vatican's semi-official newspaper L'Osservatore Romano made the rounds in Rome Friday, declaring in a bolded headline that Pope Francis had (subtext: finally) responded to four cardinals who challenged him last fall with five yes or no questions about how he understands church teaching.

"He responded!" the fake paper exclaims under what looks like an exact copy of L'Osservatore's masthead. "Francis has broken his silence on the dubia of the four cardinals."



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