March 1 Papal Resignation Special Feature

MARCH-1-cover.jpgNCR published a special feature on the Pope's resignation and the upcoming election. Subscribers will receive this section includedTop-contenders.jpg with the March 1 regular edition of the newspaper.

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Special feature contents:

  • Picking the pope a contest among four camps (John L. Allen Jr.)
  • Who will be the next pope? Top 10 contenders (NCR Staff)
  • The Vatican is stuck in a monarchical past (Tom Roberts)
  • Beginning of conclave is an 'open question' (John L. Allen Jr.)
  • Benedict's politics defied categories (Michael Sean Winters)
  • The complex  legacy of Benedict XVI (John L. Allen Jr.)
  • Congregation under Ratzinger silenced many (Zoe Ryan)
  • Controversy over Mahony's conclave vote reaches Vatican
  • After initial surprise in US, reactions fall across spectrum (NCR Staff)
  • Benedict intends to live 'hidden from the world'
  • World reacts with papal praise, speculation
  • In sisters' case, what is unsaid looms large (Ken Briggs)
  • Resignation could redefine the papacy (Joshua J. McElwee)
  • Arising issues for the theologian in chief (Joshua J. McElwee)
  • A quest for the real Benedict (John Wilkins)
  • Social media highlights
  • Editorial: Treating tradition with a double standard
  • Editorial: Honor his honesty with bolder initiatives