NCR eBook: Pope Francis at 100 Days: The World's Parish Priest

iPad-mockup.jpgPope Francis at 100 Days: The World's Parish Priest

Since his election, Pope Francis has captivated and energized Catholics around the world. This collection of previously published articles from the National Catholic Reporter provides early reactions to his election, analysis of his life in Argentina, insights into his words and actions in the first few months of his papacy, and predictions for the future. Each section begins with a quote from one of Pope Francis' Wednesday audiences.

Contributors include NCR staff in Rome for Francis' election -- John L. Allen Jr., Joshua J. McElwee and Thomas Reese -- as well as Eugene Kennedy, Maureen Fiedler, Richard Gaillardetz and many more, with a forward by Joan Chittister.

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Forward: Who are the people who were waiting for Pope Francis?
       Joan Chittister  

Introduction: ‘Don't let yourselves be robbed of hope’
       Dennis Coday  

Early Reactions
1. The world watches the elevation of Pope Francis
       Pat Perriello  
2. Spanish-speaking pope an inspiring look at things to come
       April Gutierrez
3. Election of Pope Francis raises alarm for some Latin Mass fans
       Brian Roewe
4. Pope Francis' treatment of non-Catholics almost unbelievable
       Maureen Fiedler
5. Will the new Francis be a 'rebuilder' for the Catholic church?
       Richard Gaillardetz

Life in Argentina
6. Who Francis may be based on who Bergoglio was
       John L. Allen Jr.  
7. Old friend calls Francis a 'person of dialogue'
       John L. Allen Jr.  
8. Pope Francis' record on Dirty War, sex abuse cases under scrutiny
       Tom Roberts  
9. Expert says Francis can and will deliver Vatican reform
       John L. Allen Jr.  
10. Former aide says Francis may close Vatican Bank
       John L. Allen Jr.
11. Is Pope Francis open to optional celibacy?
       Thomas Reese  
12. Aide: Francis aims for those on life's 'garbage heap'
       John L. Allen Jr.  
13. Pope Francis gets his 'oxygen' from the slums
       John L. Allen Jr.  
14. Pope's sister: Francis 'plenty tough enough' to lead
       John L. Allen Jr.  

The Mind of Francis
15. Pope Francis envisions an inclusive church
       Thomas C. Fox
16. Pope Francis spotlights social teaching with blunt calls for ethical economy
       Michael Sean Winters
17. Francis 'unblocks' Romero beatification, official says
       John L. Allen Jr.  
18. The Mind of Francis: Denying Communion
       Thomas Reese
19. Waiting for Francis to reform the Curia? He already has
       Eugene Cullen Kennedy  
20. ‘Open the Doors’
       Michael Sean Winters
21. Pope Francis officially de-emphasizes papal titles
       Joshua J. McElwee  

An Eye on the Future
22. Historians ask: Is Francis a John XXIII?
       Joshua J. McElwee  
23. Pope Francis at 100 Days: ‘The World’s Parish Priest’
       John L. Allen Jr.
24. Forgiveness is the only way to begin: an open letter to the Pope
       Michael Leach
25. Francis' election full of symbols, signs of new era
       An NCR Editorial


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