Scalia had a passion for a brutal hobby


On what was to be, unpredictably, the last day of his life in mid-February, Antonin Scalia did have death on his mind. At least not his own. The Supreme Court justice, 79, had come by private plane to Cibolo Creek Ranch, a remote luxury game preserve in West Texas near the Mexican border that is a haven for the moneyed class. Lodging tops out at $800 a night.

Forget hospitals, find peace with hypnobirthing


If you are not keeping up on the arts and successes of hypnobirthing, it's time to check in with Lakshmi Landa. For the past 12 years, she has been a leading practitioner of counseling pregnant women and their partners as they go through the rituals of birthing, either the way nature designed, which can lead to enduring moments of joy, or the conventional medical establishment way, which can be fearful, hurtful and expensive -- obstetrical violence, in other words.



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