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Celebration Magazine

Sister publication to the National Catholic Reporter, Celebration is a comprehensive liturgical planning resource in a monthly magazine format.

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NCR's Amoris Laetitia Study Guide

Explore Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation on the family with our complimentary guide from moral theologian Jana Bennett and lay ecclesial minister Peg Ekerdt. Learn more.


NCR's "Hell, hope and healing" downloadable resource

This is a four-part series on sexual abuse NCR published in 2016. The complete report is available in downloadable format as a resource to our readers. Learn more.

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The Chronicles of Francis, the Cartoon Strip

This book collects 70 cartoons from the popular series Francis, which appears in in the newspaper and online at $10 each (+$5 shipping)

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A readers' guide to Laudato Si'

Fr. Tom Reese wrote this reader guide to take you through Pope Francis' recent encyclical on the environment. We are offering it as a complimentary download, so you can use it at parish discussion groups and other events. Enjoy!

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NCR eBooks

Our collection of eBooks features previously-published content from our newspaper and website. Available from the Apple iBooks store, Kindle, Nook and more. Browse titles.


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Pope Francis and the Environment Poster

In the April 10-23, 2015, print edition, we outline possible topics for Pope Francis' highly anticipated encyclical on the environment, based on his homilies and speeches since becoming pope.

This article is now available as a poster. Learn more.


NCR’s 50th Anniversary Issue

Our special Anniversary Issue commemorates 50 years of publishing the finest independent Catholic news and analysis. This 60-page keepsake issue provides a summary of news from each year of NCR’s existence, packaged as the newspaper looked at the time. Learn more.



National Catholic Reporter at Fifty: The Story of the Pioneering Paper and Its Editors

This new book by former NCR editor Arthur Jones focuses on editors and key themes in the paper's history, leading up to its 50th anniversary in October 2014. Learn more.



Poster: Putting Catholic Higher Education on the Map

This poster-sized map displays all 242 Catholic degree-granting institutions, adapted from our November 8, 2013, Colleges & Universities special section. Learn more.



A Church Reborn: The Second Vatican Council 50th Anniversary Issue

This special edition gathers leading Catholic scholars to reflect on the revolutionary Second Vatican Council, fifty years after its opening. Topics range from collegiality to women's congregations, human sexuality to theology, and on across the spectrum of essential subjects in a dynamic and changing church. Subscribers to the newspaper will receive a copy of this keepsake issue.

Additional copies are available to purchase while supplies last. Learn more.



Catholics in America

NCR published the fifth annual Catholics in America survey in our October 28-November 10, 2011 issue. Additional copies are available to purchase while supplies last. To purchase, call NCR customer service at 1-800-333-7373.

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Jesus 2000

To celebrate the new millennium, National Catholic Reporter invited people to submit original artwork to answer the question, "What would Jesus Christ look like in the year 2000?" Jesus 2000 is the full-color special supplement to the newspaper which includes the top 60 entries from the contest. Learn more.