Joseph Basara

Joseph Basara passed away on April 19, 2020 in New Jersey. He considered his greatest accomplishment to be his four children. He was the constant entertainer for his 11 grandchildren, and he adored his extended family, including many nieces and nephews. Joe lived for the baseball fields and dedicated much of his life to the sport, passing it forward to future generations. He continued to play competitively in what his children fondly called “Old Man Little League”, but it was actually a serious and athletic undertaking. He was beloved by family and friends and strangers and lots of dogs, and was considered the de facto mayor wherever he went. He was a wine aficionado and his margaritas were legendary. Joe knew many details about everything and nothing and he shared them with conviction. Much to the chagrin of his children, if you asked him the time he told you how to build a clock. In his memory, please throw a baseball with a kid, line a ball field, or start an unwinnable debate.
Submitted by Chris Sheehan, Mount Laurel, NJ