Reader Tributes to Coronavirus Victims

Gertrude Doleman
Gertrude Doleman died May 30, a week after testing positive for coronavirus. She was 103, and had lived on her own until just after her 99th birthday, when she moved into a nursing home. For many years, she cleaned and cooked all week in her job at an ice cream plant, then volunteered with the Altar Guild every Saturday morning to clean the sanctuary of her beloved parish... Read more
Mrs. Araceli Danilewicz
My mom fought a courageously against COVID-19, which took her life on April 30th. She loved the little things in life - gardening, line dancing parties and playing bingo. She also loved being a cat mom. She will be greatly missed by her son, Carlo; her daughter, Cecile and son-in-law, Carmine and her husband of almost 30 years, Mirek. Her granddaughter, Adriana will continue... Read more
Sr. Mary Regis Beck, RCD
I have admired Sr. Regis from the first time I met her 60+ years ago. She was simple in the best sense of that word. She often said, “I love people”. After her death the recurrent theme was, “she never said an unkind word to or about anyone.” She was always ready to pray for us and our intentions. She had to be in a nursing home because of lung cancer among other problems... Read more
Sr Mary Katherine Donato, MMM
Sr Mary Katherine Donato died on April 15th 2020. She joined the Medical Missionaries of Mary as a registered nurse and later became a nurse mid-wife tutor. She shared her gifts, talents but most of all her glorious smile with people in Mexico, Nigeria, Tanzania and here in the US ( spanning 66 years ) She simply lived our congregational motto - she was woman "Rooted... Read more
Mrs. Norma Mulligan
Wonderful friend, rock-bed Catholic, loved her children and they were so caring and loving for their mother, determined yet accepting of her hopeless , deteriorating health. Loving and accepting to the very end. Sadly missed. Rest in peace
Rev. Richard J. Colgan, CSP
Fr. Richard J. Colgan, C.S.P., native of Ellenburg Depot, NY, felt called to the Catholic priesthood from an early age. A member of the Missionary Society of St. Paul the Apostle (better known as the Paulist Fathers), Fr. Rich served as a pastor at parishes across the United States and Canada. Most recently, he spent more than a decade as Director of Novices, training men for... Read more
Joseph Basara
Joseph Basara passed away on April 19, 2020 in New Jersey. He considered his greatest accomplishment to be his four children. He was the constant entertainer for his 11 grandchildren, and he adored his extended family, including many nieces and nephews. Joe lived for the baseball fields and dedicated much of his life to the sport, passing it forward to future generations.... Read more
Mary Duggan Philbin
Mary was deeply committed to her Catholic faith. She and her husband spent years volunteering with the Christian Family Movement and Cana Conference. They were longtime members of St. Edmund Parish in Oak Park IL and staunch supporters of Catholic education, sending all seven children through Catholic grade school and high school.
Bob Szeigis
Dear friend and neighbor. An icon in our neighborhood who loved his family. A vet and retired NY Port Authority worker. Loved his church, the sacraments and his God. We grieve him with heavy hearts.
Louis Gonzales
Louie was our parishioner, husband and father who worked for the city. But Louie was also kind, friendly & generous with his time and skills. He was a volunteer football coach for many years before, during and after his son’s time on our team. He spent many hours helping with repairs to our aging buildings. He had time for everyone and was loved by all. A 50 car motorcade... Read more
John K. Pastor
John and I were classmates for 9 years in the 1960's from high school through a year of novitiate and on through graduation from Catholic University of America. We were roommates in the '64-'65 school year. We were friends who lost track of one another over the years. John was a wonderful man. He was a strong basketball player. He was an amazingly hard-... Read more
Millie A. Robertson
When I extended my condolences on Facebook to one of Millie's daughters, telling her how lively and spirit filled her Mom was whenever I was around her, her daughter replied: "She was a great Mom, and, she'll be a Great Angel" Millie is my wife's Aunt. Millie's sister Marjorie is my mother in law and she is in a nursing home. It is very sad... Read more
Roger J. Griggs
I was blessed with an amazing husband for 51 and a half years. The Lord blessed us with four beautiful children and six grandchildren. My husband loved to climb mountains and travel. Ten years ago he had rectal cancer, fought for his life. He was in bed for over year with three operations, chemo and radiation. He fought the battle bravely. At one time I could not stand... Read more
Bob Irwin
Bob was my brother-in-law who lived in Boston area. He was married to my sister for over 45 years and would have celebrated his 85th birthday in May. He leaves a beautiful legacy of three children and seven grandchildren to whom he was devoted. He was such a kind and good hearted man whose Catholic faith gave him deep meaning. While he had many health conditions, he never... Read more
Andrea Bowman
Andrea died of Covid-19 on Palm Sunday. She was a Priest at Grace Episcopal Church in Ellensburg, WA. A good homilist who was interested in social justice and diversity education.
Emmanuel A. Pacheco
Manny, his pet name, was the chief nurse of a medical center and died from the covid virus. He was so loved by his staff, his colleagues, his patients and was known for his faith, his generosity and his support of the poor. I was talking with him via social media less than a day before he died. He showed me pictures of his tubes and was in pain. Less than 24 hours later, the... Read more
Craig Breimhorst
Pastor Craig has been a good and trusted friend since I first met him in 1991. He was an ELCA pastor and I am a Pastoral Minister in a Catholic parish. We met when we were members of our local ministerial association. Craig was warm, compassionate, inclusive and joyous. He was a loving husband, father and grandfather. Craig walked the walk and talked the talk. His example... Read more
James Haefele
Jim was our music director at St Katharine Drexel Catholic Church in Cape Coral, a kind man with a talent for music, he left a wife and two children...he got sick after traveling to Miami for a wedding...he had been in the hospital for a month, and on a ventilator most of that time...his kidneys failed...but he fought, and his family all off of the parish family prayed for... Read more
Ernest M. Wood, Jr., M.D.
Ernie Wood, ND’59, a prominent OB-GYN surgeon in Lancaster, PA, was one of the great students at the University of Notre Dame in the late 1950s. A graduate of Salesianum Academy, Wilmington, DE, he received his medical degree from Georgetown in 1963. On the night of November 22, 1963, Ernie was the duty officer at Bethesda Naval Hospital, on the night that President John F... Read more
Jody Settle
Jody was my partner of 33 years. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when he was 25 and has used a wheelchair for the last 30 years. Despite his ailment, Jody was always positive never letting the cares of life cast a shadow over him. We shared a warm loving relationship that we shared with numerous rescued cats and dogs. Disability never stopped us from living life.... Read more
Frank Caffrey CSSp
Frank was ordained in 1963; I the year before.We were appointed to Nigeria and to adjacent parishes. We would meet often. During the Biafra war, in another part of the country, we found ourselves in adjacent parishes and in relief work. We would meet often. At the end of the war we, with other missionaries, spent time in a detention camp, followed by imprisonment and then... Read more