Allison Walter is a high school theology teacher and track coach. She was formerly press secretary with Faith in Public Life and policy education associate with NETWORK Lobby in Washington, D.C. A graduate of Saint Louis University and a native of Kansas City, Walter believes in the power of faith to transform society.

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Joe Kennedy's State of the Union response is the Christian response

Young Voices: Jesus didn't entertain false choices of us or them. He said let us come together as a community, let us each bring what we have, and together we make more.


Don't let Trump, Republicans create a national Kansas tax disaster

Young Voices: In a Thanksgiving weekend coincidence, I found myself on the same flight back to Kansas as the governor whose tax plan, although it failed to produce growth, is a model for the latest national proposal. PS: Trickle-down economics don't work.


Wisdom to hike by

Young Voices: While hiking through Rocky Mountain National Park with my brothers this past summer, I thought about three lessons that have stuck with me. 

July Fourth is my favorite holiday, even in today's political climate

Young Voices: Urgent issues plague our democracy. But this Fourth of July, let's take one moment to appreciate and celebrate what makes us proud to be American.