COVID-19 takes toll on Indian church leaders

Amid thousands dying daily of COVID-19 in India, the pandemic has taken a heavy toll on church leaders. Dozens of priests, scores of nuns and hundreds of laypeople have died since mid-April.

Hospitals in India struggle as COVID-19 deaths hit record highs

Catholic hospital directors in India told Catholic News Service they did not have enough facilities to treat patients as India set records for the number of COVID-19 deaths — numbers many people believe were underreported.

Indian cardinal says religion should never be basis for citizenship

As India continued to experience violent protests against a controversial citizenship law, Cardinal Oswald Gracias of Mumbai said citizenship should never be based on a person's religion.

Bleak Christmas faces church in quake-ravaged Nepal amid crippling blockade

Catholics in Nepal are preparing for a bleak Christmas because of an economic blockade imposed by neighboring India. Supplies of fuel for vehicles, cooking gas dwindled, electricity service is intermittent.