Synod: Church must help young people be ethical citizens, politicians

The importance of helping young people become ethical, active citizens who are unafraid of taking part in politics was a topic brought up by two members of the Synod of Bishops Oct. 16.


Pope: God wants change in church stricken by perversion of clericalism

Catholics need to help the church along a path of "deep spiritual renewal," Pope Francis told Jesuits from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.


Religions that do not pursue peace are a contradiction, pope says

Religions, which are meant to build bridges, contradict their very nature if they stop pursuing the path of peace, Pope Francis said.

Harsh rhetoric, policies in U.S. cause migrants more pain, observer says

One U.S. observer warned Pope Francis and the Synod of Bishops that the current immigration system in the United States "blatantly threatens" and disrespects the lives and dignity of migrants.