Pope urges nations to create a world free from nuclear arms

Marking the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons coming into force Jan. 22, Pope Francis encouraged nations to work toward a world free from all nuclear arms.


World needs Christians to show what journey toward unity looks like, pope says

Unity requires prayer, love and fighting the devil, who always sows division, Pope Francis said.


Praising God purifies the soul, is like breathing 'pure oxygen,' pope says

Jesus and the saints "show us that we can always give praise, in good times and bad, because God is the faithful friend — this is the foundation of praise, he is the faithful friend and his love never fails. He is always by our side; he always waits for us," the pope said Jan. 13 during his weekly general audience.


Christians lift others up by listening, sharing God's love, pope says

Christians are called to lead and lift people up by being close to them and sharing God's love, not by judging them, Pope Francis said.