Chris Herlinger is a contributing writer to Global Sisters Report and also writes on humanitarian and international issues for NCR. He has reported from South Sudan and Darfur, Sudan, as well as numerous other locales, including Haiti, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel and the Occupied Territories, Kenya and Ethiopia and Liberia. He is the co-author, with Paul Jeffrey, of books on Haiti and Darfur, published by Seabury, and a third, on global hunger, published in 2015.

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Seeking Refuge: Painful memories, new cultures confront resettled families

Global Sisters Report: After the trauma of being forced to flee comes the process of seeking asylum, then creating new lives in a place with a strange language, strange ways and an uncertain future.

King of Jordan wins Templeton Prize for fostering Muslim cooperation

King Abdullah II of Jordan has won the 2018 Templeton Prize for promoting dialogue and cooperation between Muslims of differing traditions.

UN grapples with updating definitions of 'migrant' and 'refugee'

As the United Nations marks World Refugee Day today, the world body is grappling with crafting two new frameworks for its members in responding to the record numbers of refugees and migrants across the globe.

Seeking Refuge: Global Sisters Report begins special series on refugees

Over the next several weeks, Global Sisters Report brings a sharper focus to the plight of refugees through a special series, Seeking Refuge, which follows the their journeys in an anguished world that is on the move.