Christian Mocek is the director of annual giving at St. Meinrad, a Benedictine monastery, seminary and school of theology. He lives in New Albany, Indiana, with his wife and one son.

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Let Advent be a time to listen and wonder

Advent is like taking a deliberately slow walk surrounded by sprinters. One looks left and right only to find people passing by. All headed toward presumably the same finish line.


The night I found God at the kitchen sink

Young Voices: The Spirit arrived in the place I least expected her — at the kitchen sink after a long day, stilling the restlessness and healing the brokenness of my heart.


How should we support those going through life transitions?

We go through multiple transitions throughout our lives. Each transition hopefully makes us more able to face the next. But there is no doubt that sharing a few encouraging words goes a long way. 


Discovering our own resurrection story

Young Voices: As a Christian people, joy is our banner and hope our anthem. However, those words can be elusive concepts until they are grounded in a story that speaks to the present time and place.