Christian Mocek is the director of alumni relations at St. Meinrad, a Benedictine monastery, seminary and school of theology in southern Indiana. He lives in New Albany, Indiana, with his wife, Gillian, and their little boy, Simon. You can find his reflections on parenthood, marriage and young adulthood at

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Take winter as a time to slow down, find your soul

Young Voices: The rest of the year is full of distractions of friends, commitments and technology. Seldom do we have the chance such as in winter to sit and wonder, pray and discover God within ourselves.


Doing all the good I can, in all the ways I can

Young Voices: After acts of violence such as the Texas shooting or the Newtown shooting, it is easy to seclude ourselves into the safe enclaves of what we know and understand.


Don't lose sight of the grace found in the mundane

Young Voices: St. Benedict understood that vocation plays out much more in daily tasks than in extraordinary moments. I understand that more than I ever have, now that I am a father.

Living in Donald Trump's America

Young Voices: A man recently stopped my wife to ask whether she was wearing "Muslim garb." I feel as if I am starting to experience what it really means to live in today's America.