Christopher de Vinck is an author. His next book, Things that Matter Most, will be published by Paraclete Press this year.

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Saying goodbye to Fr. Catoir, family friend and St. Jude Media Ministry founder

Appreciation: Fr. John Catoir was more than a family friend: he was family, while not by birth but for sure by love. My family adopted Father John, or he adopted us. Love works both ways.


What I learned from my guardian angel

Soul Seeing: My brother Oliver died 41 years ago of pneumonia in my mother's arms. He was on his back in his bed for 32 years. He never moved. He was rolled back and forth and bathed each day. Oliver made me a better man. He was my guardian angel.


Let us write the unwritten poems about the soul of America

For all our faults and woes, and for all our strengths and victories there has been always in America the hope of freedom, the breaking away from tyranny and the consideration of a better world where life and liberty are sown together in a single pattern of unity and goodness.