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Some bishops seek common ground, not confrontation, with Biden

Catholic President-elect Joe Biden's stance on abortion causes confusion, said Los Angeles Archbishop José Gomez, as he announced the formation of a working group to examine what this would mean for the bishops' conference.

US bishops issue warning to President-elect Joe Biden on abortion

At the conclusion of the U.S. bishops' two-day virtual meeting, Archbishop Gomez issued a warning to President-elect Biden, a Catholic, saying his position on abortion rights creates a "difficult and complex situation."

Big questions but brief discussion of McCarrick report at US bishops' meeting

Several U.S. bishops expressed concerns about the process for selecting bishops, unanswered questions about McCarrick's finances, the psychological and sexual health of priests and bishops, and both the progress and remaining challenges of transparency and accountability.

Against a Catholic backdrop, Biden vows increase in refugee admissions

"A Biden-Harris administration will restore America's historic role in protecting the vulnerable and defending the rights of refugees everywhere," said President-elect Joe Biden about raising the annual refugee admission target to 125,000.