Christopher White is the national correspondent for NCR. He holds a master's degree in ethics and society from Fordham University and a bachelor's degree in politics, philosophy and economics from The King's College. He is the former director of Catholic Voices USA and his work has appeared in Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Forbes, New York Daily News, International Business Times, among many other print and online publications. He has regularly appeared on television and radio programs, including CNN, NPR, RTE and BBC. Follow him on Twitter: @CWWhite212.
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'Spotlight' editor on retirement: Clergy abuse coverage has permanently changed church

Martin Baron said the Boston Globe's reporting on clergy sex abuse demonstrated that the hierarchy of the church had betrayed the faithful. Looking back on his career, Baron said the country must return to being capable of agreeing on a common set of facts.

Boston College investigates prominent theologian after sexual assault allegation

Boston College is investigating the chairman of its theology department, Richard Gaillardetz, following allegations he sexually assaulted a former classmate more than three decades ago.

Luis Miranda: He gets the job done

As the HBO documentary chronicles, Luis Miranda has two great loves: family and country — and the borders of both should be welcoming and expansive. NCR's Christopher White reached out to his neighbor Luis for a conversation.

Lexington diocesan priests issue statement in support of LGBTQ youth

Twenty-one priests said in a statement that people of faith have a particular duty to "help, support, and defend" LGBT youth who are at heightened risk of suicide, homelessness, bullying and rejection.