The city as a shelter for bees

As heatwaves become more frequent, droughts last longer and blossoming time changes on trees, stingless bees are having a hard time to adapt to climate change and other human-driven environmental changes. 

Youth climate activists want an official seat at the table in Biden's White House

Last November, youth climate activists helped elect U.S. President Joe Biden. Now, many are demanding a say in U.S. federal climate policy.

Students in India use social media to fight coal projects

Students in coastal Goa, India, are using social media platforms to fight back the government's attempt to turn their state into a coal handling and transportation hub.

Uganda's quest for sustainable energy poses fresh environmental threats

A flurry of oil and gas discoveries along Uganda's western border has lured dozens of investors seeking to develop sub-Saharan Africa's largest oil discovery in decades. Campaigners say the East African Crude Oil Pipeline is a big threat to the environment.