As we celebrate, we create communion

Young Voices: The temptation is to write off goodness and grace in the face of disfunction and discord. That, though, is when the power of communion, the presence of love, and the critical work of celebration are most needed.


Lent requires us to lean into God, embrace the missing pieces

Young Voices: When we take a loving look at our lives, what might benefit us more: filling the hole in our life, or being in the hole with God?

Book Review

Future of religious life lies in communal soul-searching

Book Review: The roots of a new understanding of religious life lie in an understanding of the paradigm religious have historically followed and the often misunderstood and misrepresented history of religious life. 

Why I marched (and why we can't stop marching)

Young Voices: I believe in a world where all people are free. I cannot be better than my brother or sister; my good is their good, and that is the Common Good.