Lent requires us to lean into God, embrace the missing pieces

Young Voices: When we take a loving look at our lives, what might benefit us more: filling the hole in our life, or being in the hole with God?

Book Review

Future of religious life lies in communal soul-searching

Book Review: The roots of a new understanding of religious life lie in an understanding of the paradigm religious have historically followed and the often misunderstood and misrepresented history of religious life. 

Why I marched (and why we can't stop marching)

Young Voices: I believe in a world where all people are free. I cannot be better than my brother or sister; my good is their good, and that is the Common Good. 

Holding onto hope in troubled times

Preview: Pulling into the parking lot, I stopped for a moment in the car, thinking, the flags are at half-staff again. For a moment, I couldn't remember why.