Holy Cross Br. David Andrews works with Washington-based Food and Water Watch. He is former director of the National Catholic Rural Life Conference.

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Cardinal's Food Prize speech a good opportunity for truth

Eco Catholic: Cardinal Turkson should use his opportunity to set the record straight about Monsanto, climate change, world hunger and nutrition.


In global fight against fracking, faith community should lead

Past Catholic documents on parallel land-use issues lay groundwork for ethical analysis of the controversial mining process. 


Cardinal Turkson, say 'no' to GMOs

The following is an open letter to Cardinal Peter Turkson, president of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, who will speak at the World Food Prize 2013 Borlaug Dialogue (Des Moines, Iowa, Oct. 16-18), which will include an award ceremony honoring three scientists (among them a Monsanto executive and the founder of Syngenta Biotechnology) for GMO, or genetically modified organism, discoveries

Your Eminence,


Tax and robber baron economics

The Pontifical Council of Justice and Peace met in early December at a plenary session in Rome. There, it issued a statement with the modest title: “A Note on Financial Reform.”

That modest title masks a dramatic analysis of the global financial system. Elementary goods like food, the statement asserts, are lacking to millions in the developed world and to billions in the developing world.