It's time for our Catholic president to address the church's sexual abuse scandal

Millions need and deserve help these days. But there is a group that could also use — and certainly deserves — help that is rarely mentioned these days: clergy sexual abuse survivors.


SNAP praises bishops: That's right, Biegler and McKnight applauded

Perspective: In the spirit of the holiday season, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests finds it worth noting a couple of U.S. bishops who have distinguished themselves from their largely complacent and sometimes duplicitous colleagues when dealing with clergy sex crimes and cover-ups.


Ignore the Vatican: Bishops can forge ahead on stopping abuse, cover-up

Commentary: There are solid, practical steps the U.S. bishops can take right now to protect kids, expose wrongdoers and heal the wounded — no Vatican approval necessary.

SNAP: Catholic church does not ignore us

NCR Today: A recent article claimed "the church resolutely ignores SNAP's voice" and that SNAP has no "organized" approach to healing. Our history strongly suggests otherwise.