SNAP: Catholic church does not ignore us

NCR Today: A recent article claimed "the church resolutely ignores SNAP's voice" and that SNAP has no "organized" approach to healing. Our history strongly suggests otherwise.

When church officials say they've reported to police, be skeptical

Commentary: When you're told, "We've reported to law enforcement," insist on seeing proof. To church officials, the phrase "reported to authorities" can mean something very different.

A decade later, struggle for accountability within LCWR on abuse continues

Commentary: It's been 10 years since SNAP began prodding LCWR to take action on abuse by women religious. It's been a frustrating and fruitless decade.

A novel approach for Twin Cities Catholic officials: Punish those responsible

Commentary: One way to stop people from doing wrong is to punish them for doing wrong. It's an approach that St. Paul-Minneapolis Catholic officials might consider.