Baton Rouge Diocese releases list of clergy with abuse allegations

Bishop Michael Duca of Baton Rouge released Jan. 31 the names of all priests, a former bishop of the diocese, and one former seminarian credibly accused of sexual abuse in the Diocese of Baton Rouge.

Priest sees his personal Christmas cards to parishioners as evangelizing

The Field Hospital: Fr. Frank Uter sends cards to 4,100 families. He has carried out this tradition for decades, across the Diocese of Baton Rouge at the various church parishes where he has served.


Baton Rouge diocese helps Louisiana flood victims cope with loss

Eco Catholic: The diocese has been helping victims deal with the stress of "letting go" and adjusting to a "new normal" so they can recover materially and emotionally.


Baton Rouge parishes helped Katrina’s youngest and oldest victims

After the devastating impact of Katrina, many of the most vulnerable victims -- newborns and elderly from New Orleans -- found refuge at parishes in the diocese of Baton Rouge.

St. Patrick Church in Baton Rouge provided one of only a few shelters in the area specifically for evacuee families of newborn babies, according to volunteers there at the time.