At least 12 dead as tropical storm lashes Haiti, Dominican Republic

Officials reported that at least 12 people had died as Tropical Storm Laura lashed Haiti and the Dominican Republic with strong winds and torrential rains, causing widespread flooding in low-lying communities.

Prayers at Democratic convention seek compassion for people, planet in peril

Prayers offered by a pair of prominent Catholics during the closing night of the Democratic National Convention focused on addressing the needs of people on the margins of society and a planet facing environmental catastrophe.

Executive actions seen providing minimal boost to economy hit hard by COVID-19

The coronavirus relief measures put in place by President Donald Trump Aug. 8 are not expected to provide significant relief to people most in need of assistance because of the pandemic-induced recession, political observers said.

Japanese archbishop urges US to witness the Gospel of peace

Archbishop Joseph Mitsuaki Takami of Nagasaki, said, "I have the impression that most Americans believe that arms are necessary to protect oneself, one's families and the nation. The history, however, demonstrates how arms brought about tragedies. I want the Americans to work for peace without the possession and use of weapons."