Book Review

Duplicity, hypocrisy of the prelates exposed in Martel's 'Closet' book

Book review: Without question, In the Closet of the Vatican is a truly remarkable publishing event. The author's call for honesty and integrity can be joined by all factions of our divided, polarized church.

Take and Read: The Seven Storey Mountain

Take and Read: It's pretty clear now that The Seven Storey Mountain served as my "spiritual director" during my first years of seminary formation.​

Book Review

Reined in by the Vatican, set free by the Gospel

Book review: John McCoy's biography of Archbishop Raymond "Dutch" Hunthausen paints the painful story of a bishop's conscience and Rome's determination to hold fast to institutional control.

Book Review

This history has urgent warnings for today

By Cullen Murphy
Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $27

One Saturday morning a year or so ago, I was in the local supermarket pushing my shopping cart toward the produce section. I passed an elderly man, a man I didn’t know but had seen on a number of occasions in the library of John Carroll University, where I teach. As we passed each other he uttered a single word: “Heretic.” I stopped in my tracks and looked back as he proceeded to the store’s exit. I brushed it aside as a remark of a reactionary Catholic disturbed by my writing on church renewal and reform.