How much corruption can we tolerate in the church before we leave?

Social sin and systemic corruption abound. But moral perversity that harms the young or vulnerable deserves no quarter. We cannot tolerate its institutional protection. And so I ask, how "much" corruption can I tolerate in my church?

Book Review

Duplicity, hypocrisy of the prelates exposed in Martel's 'Closet' book

Book review: Without question, In the Closet of the Vatican is a truly remarkable publishing event. The author's call for honesty and integrity can be joined by all factions of our divided, polarized church.

Take and Read: The Seven Storey Mountain

Take and Read: It's pretty clear now that The Seven Storey Mountain served as my "spiritual director" during my first years of seminary formation.​

Book Review

Reined in by the Vatican, set free by the Gospel

Book review: John McCoy's biography of Archbishop Raymond "Dutch" Hunthausen paints the painful story of a bishop's conscience and Rome's determination to hold fast to institutional control.