Erin Ryan was the associate editor of Celebration from 2007-2016 and wrote a monthly column on Liturgy, Arts, and Culture from 2013-2016. She also worked as copy editor for Celebration from late 2002-2006; and 2007-2016.

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An ancient tale, in poetry and song, reveals the mystery

Daily Easter Reflections: The choir was asked to sing at Mass for our parish confirmation liturgy. I'll admit: At first I had no particular excitement about this milestone in our teens' sacramental life. I didn't know any of the dozens of kids being confirmed that Tuesday evening.


Turn it upside down

Daily Easter Reflections: Turning the painting upside down is an artist's trick that helps you to focus on what your painting is, not what you meant it to be. It gets you beyond the idea stuck in your mind that you were bent on creating and leads you to see what’s actually there. 


We all have our part to play in moving Lent into Easter

Daily Lenten Reflections: Have you ever been part of a theater production? The sets have to be painted. Costumes have to be designed. Music rehearsed, lines learned. There's a sense of solidarity as you all band together, working, practicing, laboring to build a living story.


During Lent, we prepare to make an honest response

Daily Lenten Reflections: During the Easter season, we renew our baptismal promises as we are sprinkled with holy water during Mass.