Eugene Cullen Kennedy is emeritus professor of psychology at Loyola University, Chicago.

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Dick McBrien, free at last

Bulletins from the Human Side: Fr. Richard McBrien is free at last of time's unforgiving grip and at home in the eternal with which he was so familiar.

If Rome is filled with pyromaniacs, how can they charge nuns with arson?

Bulletins from the Human Side: Let us review what was going on in Rome when the officials were investigating the nuns and should have been investigating themselves.

Religion speaks not to the will, but to the imagination

Bulletins from the Human Side: The object of religion is the imagination, that font of our understanding our deepest possibilities, something Cardinal Burke fails to grasp.

The biggest unreported synod influence: human experience

Bulletins from the Human Side: The synod fathers realized they could not issue a document that the laity would accept unless its words were true to everyday human experience