Pope voices 'pain' over Indigenous children's deaths, doesn't apologize

Pope Francis on June 6 expressed pain over the discovery in Canada of the remains of 215 Indigenous students of church-run residential schools, but didn't offer the apology sought by the Canadian prime minister. 

Judge slain in Sicily by mafiosi put on path to sainthood

A magistrate slain by mobsters in Sicily and praised by two popes has been beatified by the Roman Catholic church on May 9 in the last formal step before possible sainthood. 

Rescue groups decry loss of migrant lives in Mediterranean

Rescue groups and the Vatican are decrying the latest deaths of migrants who put to sea in traffickers' unseaworthy boats, amid laments that Mediterranean nations are choosing not to dispatch vessels to save them.


Pope makes surprise early morning prayer visit in rainy Rome

Pope Francis on Dec. 8 made a surprise early morning visit to the Spanish Steps in Rome to pray for people worldwide struggling in the pandemic.