Pope: Don't judge the poor, often victims of injustice

Pope Francis decried societies which rush indifferently past the poor, often judging them instead of helping them.

Pope to lawmakers: Climate change requires quick consensus

Tackling global warming requires 'wisdom, foresight and concern for common good ... fundamental virtues of good politics,' Pope Francis says.


Two weeks post-surgery, Pope Francis appears at Vatican window

The Francis Chronicles: Two weeks after surgery that removed a portion of his colon, Pope Francis on July 18 resumed his weekly appearances from a Vatican window to bless the faithful in St. Peter's Square.

Pope Francis praises public healthcare in first appearance since intestinal surgery

Pope Francis on July 11 made his first public appearance since major intestinal surgery last week, greeting well-wishers as he stood for 10 minutes on a hospital balcony, offering hearty thanks for the prayers for his recovery and calling health care for all a "precious" good.