Kenyan bishops urge calm as opposition rejects early results

Catholic bishops in Kenya called for calm in the East Africa nation, as pockets of violent postelection protests left at least five dead in opposition strongholds.

Abductions of two priests in Congo a growing concern

Armed raiders entered the parish, looted a vehicle and motorbike and beat up seminarians before fleeing with the two priests, according to news reports.

Churches provide refuge to Kenyans fleeing al-Shabab attacks

The moving populations had been living near the dense Boni Forest, which the militants have allegedly been using as a cover to terrorize villages and attack security forces and travelers.

Catholic bishop says troubled Somali refugees still need acceptance, help

In Dadaab, the world's largest refugee complex, Somali refugees are caught in a very delicate and complex situation and Bishop Joseph Alessandro of Garissa, Kenya, is determined to help the world understand their plight.