Gabe Huck was Director of Liturgy Training Publications from 1977 until 2001. Since then he and his wife, Theresa Kubasak, founded and continue to work with Iraqi and Syrian Student Project. They live in Harrisonburg VA.  Gabe and Theresa’s book about seven years in Syria, Never Can I Write of Damascus: When Syria Became Our Home can be ordered at  

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Lock them up, but do it quietly

Daily Easter Reflections: "Bursting forth from Pharaoh’s prison, Alleluia! Let us sing! Alleluia! Christ is risen. Alleluia to our king!"


Our Lenten journey culminates in the vigil's powerful catechesis

Daily Lenten Reflections: Tonight we are simply ending the time of vigiling, praying and fasting that we began on Thursday night when we washed each other's feet here in this place, the vigiling and praying and fasting that continued through Good Friday when we came forward one by one to kiss or embrace or bow or kneel before the image of the cross.


The Triduum takes us to the heart of God's saving work in us

Daily Lenten Reflections: This washing of one another's feet is a vision of how people might live together. We do it but once a year; we want to get to that night between Saturday and Sunday with its fire, its song, its scriptures, its font of baptism and its table of bread and wine.


The rituals of the Triduum

Daily Lenten Reflections: When the people of DamascusChristian or Muslim or otherwise, think of Holy Week, they think of marching bands. In this city, there are at least a dozen varieties of Christian communities, all of them clustered around the "Christian Quarter" of the Old City.