Catholics cannot forget workers' rights when voting

Commentary: Trump has assaulted workers' rights to life, limb and livelihood throughout his presidency. This should matter to Catholic voters, who have an obligation to consider a candidate's respect for the dignity of workers.

Donald Trump and the rights and dignity of workers

NCR Today: I dispute the claim that Donald Trump's "statements line up more closely with Catholic teaching than one might immediately assume."


Battling adjunct unions fails legal and moral tests

Analysis: Catholic institutions battling the National Labor Relations Board's jurisdiction is not a valid exercise of religious liberty.

Strange bedfellows: religious liberty and neoliberalism


Is the fight really about religious liberty, or is it about neoliberalism completely eradicating the hard-won social protections of workers and the poor?

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has been sounding the alarm about the alleged attempt of the administration of President Barack Obama to destroy religious liberty.